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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Dell to carry AMD by September

It has officially been reported that Dell could be carrying AMD-powered desktops as soon as September. What does this mean for the computing world? This means that prices for Dell PC's will fall considerably, as if they weren't already cheap enough in price, and this also means that Intel will have to lower the prices on their chips to be able to compete with the cost-effective AMD solution.

This is something computer enthusiasts have been waiting for, and it is speculated that this sudden change in heart by Dell has been brought about by their recent acquisition of gaming PC manufacturer Alienware. This move has been speculated since the Alienware purchase, but sources quickly denied early rumors. Dell began slowly, by powering their servers with AMD processors, but now the rumors become fact, as Dell could have AMD processors in their desktops in as short as only three months.

Kilo Bits will keep you up to date on this development as more comes out.


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